Name: Manon van de Graaf

Address: Udenseweg 2, 5405 PA, Uden, The Netherlands

Nationality: Dutch (The Netherlands)


Insta: @facetadvicedesign

FB: Facet Advice Design

Phone: 0031-641944404



Follow her brands:

Insta: Manon Jewelry with a Story

FB: Manon Jewelry

Insta: We shall beat Collection

FB: We shall beat Collection

Insta: Elegancie de Gafas


FB: Elegancia de Gafas




1989-1991 HAVO, Jansenius, Hulst (The Netherlands)

1991-1996 HAVO, Goese Lyceum, Goes.(The Netherlands)

1996-1998 Jewelry techniques, Technicum, Antwerp (Belgium)

1998-1999 Specialisation Jewelry techniques A-level (subsequent to University), Technicum, Antwerp (Belgium)

1998-1999 Part time evening school, Restauration Jewelry, Technicum, Antwerp (Belgium)

1998-2000 Part time evening school, Stone setting, Technicum, Antwerp (Belgium)

2021 3D jewelry CAD design succesfully completed.



1993 Kunstbende (Art Gang) Zeeland, 3d place. Theme “Black and white and everything in between.”

1994 Kunstbende (Art Gang) Zeeland, 2d place, Theme “Love.”

1998 Diamond Museum Antwerp “The Multiple” (Milan, Tokyo, Paris, Basel, New York)

1999 High Council Award Antwerp “Antoon van Dijck” (Milan, Padova, Tokyo, Bejing) 

2000 Diamond Museum Antwerp “Twen in 2000” 

2001 Antwerp Society Diamond Jewelry Award “Contradiction” (Antwerp, Gent) 

2002 Diamond Museum Antwerp “2 times 1001 nights” (Milan, Tokyo, Berlin) 

2003 Open Artists Exhibition, Zeeland, Church of Hengstdijk. 

2004 Diamond Museum Antwerp “Embellished Men” (Milan, Tokyo, Paris) 

2004 Men’s Jewelry Giorgio Forni “The Enchanted Man” (Castello di Sartirana, Tokyo, Bejing) 

2006 Pink Ribbon Award, Photography, Amsterdam (Duet with Photographer) 

2007 Art in Ahoy, (Art Fair) Rotterdam 

2007 NOW (Dutch Design Award) “Cocktailparty”, Schoonhoven (participant) 

2007 Libr’art, (Art Fair) Libramont, Belgium 



1999 – 2005 Working for jewelrydesigner in Antwerp, Belgium / Trabajando al taller de un diseñador de Anveres, Belgica. Wim Meeussen, chef d’atelier/jeffa de taller. 

2005 – 2007 Gallery Atelier Mij, Breda, The Netherlands, Certified teaching company for professional students/ Mi propio tienda “Galería Mío” en Breda, Holanda. Taller official para estudiantes en sus final año de examenes del joyas. 

2008 – 2011 Teacher Art School Springfield, Ohio, USA, and private teacher. Profesera Escuela/Museo del arte en Springfield, America. 

2008 – 2011 Jewelry Artist performing at Art Shows and Galleries in USA, Ohio/ Artista de joyas en Ferias artesanales con jurados. (profesionales) 

2009 – 2011 Jewelry Artist also working with Glass Artist Guustie from The USA, Ohio / colaborar con una artista de vidrio Guustie. 

2011 – 2016 Local exhibitions / exposiciones local con escultores, pintores, fotógrafos etc en el Sociedad del arte. (A period of embracing motherhood, studying new designing directions) 

2017 – learning Spanish to get better connections with artists and suppliers. Setting up new exhibitions and get inspired by the Spanish culture / Aprende español para integrarte mejor y conectarte con otros diseñadores y empresas. Prepara nuevas exposiciones y gana inspiración de la cultura Española 

2018 – Workshops “How to make a necklace with precious stones” theme Seabreeze, / Talleres “Como hacer un collar professional con piedras preciosas” tema Brisa del Mar. 

– Exhibition Art to Wear, Universidad Popular, Albacete, Spain, with local glass artist Luís Machí. 

– Exposition Arte para Vestir, Universidad Popular, Albacete con Luís Machí de Albacete. 


Plans/ Planes: 

– Teaching bachelor year in January, the class of “Volumes” at Escuela del Arte, Albacete, Spain. 

– Enseñando bachelor en enero el classe de “Volumen” a la Escuela del Arte, Albacete, España. 

2019/2020 This was very well taken by the school’s director, the art-Volume teacher and the students. Even so that I was invited to do it again. 

– Organizing an art event with local artists. 

– Organizar un evento de arte con artistes del ciudad y alrededor. 

2019/2020 It became a bridal event in the spring which I joined and lead. Many guests were amazed by the ambiance and different approach on how clientele can attend and participate in a fair. I organized another event that had to be held in a bigger setting to be able to host all our interested clients. This time I made LOOK-Interactiva, an event for local shop owners who want to present their goods in an interactive way. It became a true success. 

2019/2020 Was also the period that I created a new collection for men. The WSB Collection also We Shall Beat collection, is initiated by the dream of my husband to ride the Dakar Rally. Eventually we joined the Morocco Desert Challenge of 2019 and drove through the sand, dirt and dunes of Morocco, getting prepared for the Dakar. Meanwhile this collection has evolved into a jewelry line that reflects passion, power and teamwork with sand details from special places of the world. 

2020 Elegancia de Gafas, a new collaboration with my jewelry expertise and a city-awarded optic designer. I designed a line of limited edition necklaces for glasses for Marta Montoya Optica. This line is still being expanded and improved. Also the launch and graphics of this new brand was of my part. A very satisfying cooperation. 

2021 Returning to my roots in Antwerp where I studied for jewelry techniques for a new course 3D-jewelry design, which will include 10 Mondays of 8 hours each. (January – April) 



2007 Art in Ahoy, Rotterdam, Netherlands 

2008 Bridal Show, Cincinnati, OH, USA 

2008 Art affair on the square, Urbana, OH, USA 

2008 Art on the lawn, Yellow Springs, OH, USA 

2008 Art in the heart, Centerville, OH, USA 

2008 Fairborn Festival, Fairborn, OH, USA 

2008 Summer Open House Studio, Beavercreek, OH, USA 

2008 Christmas Cocktail, Beavercreek, OH, USA 

2009 No soup just art, Springfield, OH, USA 

2009 Opening show, Xcetra Art Gallery, Springfield, OH, USA 

2009 CADC, Cannery Art Gallery in down town Dayton, OH, USA 

2009 December DVAC Dayton, OH, USA 

2010 Lebanon Art, Lebanon, OH, USA 

2010 Urbana, OH, USA 

2010 DVAC Art to Buy, whole month December, downtown Dayton, OH, USA 

2011 Spring Open House, The Netherlands. 

2011 Oktoberfest Dayton Art Institute, USA 

2017 Sponsorship World Championship Karting, Portugal with men’s bracelet collection. 

2018 Exhibition Art to Wear, Albacete and Almansa, Spain. + television + organizer 

2019 Bridal Event, Albacete, Spain. + organizer 

2019 Sponsorship MDC We shall beat the sand, Morocco. + participant 

2020 Look Interactiva, Albacete, Spain. + organizer 

2020 Aquí para tí, colab and organizer of small event of beauty and handmade high-end accessories. Launch of necklace collection for glasses. Albacete, Spain.